Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is famous as an outrageous state; everything that is done in the state is done to the extreme. Alcohol abuse in the state is a norm rather than an exception. The state is number one when it comes to binge drinking (drinking without restrictions).

It is mostly famous in colleges where students engage in drinking from beer bongs and play beer pong. The percentage of people who engage in drinking in the population is also very high; in fact it’s higher than any other state in the country. What is more worrying is the fact that the state as the highest number of DUI offenders, and this means that accident rates due to alcohol abuse are very high.

In the past year, the state has recorded 1,250 deaths that occurred as a direct result of alcohol abuse. One thing that also stands out in the state is the fact that almost all people who engage in binge drinking express full confidence of driving while under the influence. The accidents have contributed to some of the cases of referrals to alcohol rehabilitation centers.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In Wisconsin

The state also has a very high number of bars and taverns. Appleton County, which has a population of less than 70,000, has more bars than there are in Memphis, Tennessee or Fort Worth, Texas. Drinking is what defines Wisconsin more than anything else.

For these reasons, there have been efforts by the state to try and contain the high rate of alcohol abuse cases. Lots of rehab centers in Wisconsin have mushroomed. It is common for many people to assume that, since it is a drinking state, the number of people who enroll in rehab centers is high.

However, only a few alcohol abusers engage in these services. Most of them feel like they do not have a problem with alcohol. The state has tried to curb drinking rates by increasing beer tax. This move was met with stiff opposition from most bar owners. The move was supported by health practitioners and the police and would have seen the reduction of beer abused by a large percentage.

The law hopes to increase the tax on beer by up to 500%. The state has launched ignition interlocks, electronic devices that require multiple DUI offenders to take an Alco-blow test before their ignition is unlocked. When they fail the test, the engine ignition simply won’t work.

One of the methods that would keep most addicts from the need to go to a rehab center is if they are sensitized earlier in life on the dangers of abusing alcohol. Parents need to talk to their children, especially teenagers, about the dangers of irresponsible drinking. Since many teenagers will ultimately try out drinking, the best thing that a parent can do is educate their children on the benefits of responsible drinking.

Parents can also help their children escape the negative effects of alcohol abuse if they set an example and they themselves do not engage in drinking irresponsibly. A visit to any center for rehab by children and their parents will enlighten them even more.